About Us

We are a small prop building/costume making business running out of Feastherstone, West Yorkshire.
We’ve been making props and costumes for friends since 2011, and decided to step up to taking on full commissions in 2012, since doing so, we’ve got more business, and began working on bigger and more intricate props and costumes.

We started out making costumes and props for ourselves back in 2009, with simple comic book based costumes for ourselves (Penguin and Riddler), and have continued our growth from there, taking on bigger and far more intricate projects, such as Lee’s Ezio Auditore da Firenze costume in 2010, which marked our first foray into leather work, and making a costume entirely from scratch. This project also allowed us to learn other new skills, such as engineering in prop work, and screen printing.

In 2013, we learned yet another skill, with Lee learning to sculpt eye masks and cowls, meaning that we were able to open ourselves up for commissions of those products, and started out with a Hal Jordan style eye mask, and a Daredevil cowl.

Lee Banks

Lee is from Featherstone, and has lived there for his entire life

He handles most of the prop work, in terms of construction and sculpting, working in a number of mediums, including Foam PVC (otherwise known as Sintra), Clay, 2-part Epoxy Putties and much more.
Coming from a background of collecting, painting and sculpting miniatures, he has an eye for fine detail and painting.




David Mollins

David is from Leuchars/St. Andrews in Scotland, but moved to Featherstone in 2008, and has been living there with Lee since.
His background is in building larger scale props and sets, from running a “Haunt” at Halloween when he was living in Scotland, as well as a background in web design and graphic design, this has given him an eye for larger props and visual design of props & replicas.

Most of the work David does at Rogueprops is as the webmaster, running both this website and the Facebook page, and creating blueprints and plans for prop replicas.
He also designs parts and accesories that need to be Laser Cut, such as the chest emblems, and belt buckles.