Ant Helmet

100_3893Have you always wanted to talk to ants and tell them what to do?
Well, this helmet won’t let you do that, but it’ll make it LOOK like you can do it!

Slush Cast from PU Resin, this helmet is lightweight but strong, and fits up to a 24″ head.

Raw castings require a fair amount of clean up, this is why they are so cheap, they will come as they are pulled from the mould, with all defects and flashing still there.

Cleaned Up castings will have all excess resin trimmed out, flashing removed, and defects filled and sanded.

Completed Helmets will come fully painted & sealed, with detachable antennae.

Completed Helmets with Electronics will come as the Completed helmets do, but will also have a light function behind the mouthpiece to make the wave form glow blue.

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